A History of Chiropractic

Dr. DD Palmer, The “Discoverer of Chiropractic”

On September 18, 1895, Dr. Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer was working in his office located in Davenport, Iowa when Harvey Lillard came to him. Mr. Lillard was a janitor in the building and was mostly deaf. When Dr. Palmer asked when his deafness started, Mr. Lillard explained that he heard a popping sound in his neck and after that, his hearing was never the same again. As Dr. Palmer began to feel the neck of Mr. Lillard, he noticed that one of the vertebra was out of line with the rest of the bones, possibly causing pressure on the nervous system (called subluxation). When he pushed this bone back into place, an amazing thing happened… Harvey Lillard’s hearing was greatly restored!  

 As Dr. Palmer studied more about how the nervous system works and controls every part of our body and how pressure on the nervous system blocks vital communication between the brain and the body, chiropractic was discovered!

Dr. BJ Palmer, The “Developer of Chiropractic”

Dr. Barlett Joshua (B.J.) Palmer, Dr. D.D. Palmer’s son, was very passionate about spreading  chiropractic to the public and researching how the nervous system and spine control the body.
Chiropractic has enabled amazing and miraculous things to happen in the body from the very beginning, and amazing and miraculous things are still happening today with chiropractic care. When the communication from the brain is interfered with, some part of the body is not going to work properly. When that interference is removed, however, the body is able to heal and function the way that God intended it. Chiropractic does not treat any symptom or ailment, but it does allow the body to express its full potential. Every individual has a different and unique potential. Find out what your potential is and get checked for subluxation in your spine today.