What can I expect on my first visit?

 Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly assistant who will ask you to fill out several questionnaires. To save time, it is recommended that you download* the following forms and complete them prior to your visit:

1.  New Patient Information

2.  Consent to Care

3.  HIPAA Notice

4. Pediatric Patient History

Your first visit to Jerviss Family Chiropractic usually takes about 30 minutes. Depending on your individual situation, the doctor may take x-rays and do an examination. Dr. Jerviss then takes time to analyze the x-rays and put your information together for you so that you will have a better understanding about the condition of your spine and nervous system. If you need a chiropractic adjustment, it will be given on the second visit to the office. Most problems and symptoms that people come to a chiropractor’s office for are actually signs of a bigger problem that has been present for years, or possibly an entire lifetime. Because of this, it is a policy at Jerviss Family Chiropractic that all necessary information is carefully considered before an adjustment is made. Your spine and nervous system are too important to be taken lightly.                     

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